SnapTrap is a new trap monitor system for fruit growers and biosecurity.

SnapTrap gathers photos, temperature logs and other trap data for online analysis.

It provides tools for optimising pest management, biosecurity and production.

SnapTrap is designed to combat fruit fly, codling moth and lots of other horticulture problems.

Hi-Res snaptrap camera images

Review trap contents online. Hi-res detailed photos let you zoom in to see all the detail. You can flag photos of new insects and copy photos into your pest monitoring apps, audit workflow, and orchard management software.

Fits standard insect traps

Snaptrap smart-trap boxes fit onto standard code-of-practice traps used for insect monitoring.
- Lynfield traps for Fruit Fly surveillance.
- Delta traps for codling moth
- and lots more.

Temperature logging

Snaptrap smart-traps log temperature for degree-day calculations. This helps you refine your modelling and planning for sprays and other pest control costs.
You can also use this feature for reviewing chill accumulation.

Review anywhere anytime

Snaptrap lets you review current and historical images, anywhere, anytime. Delegate monitoring and supervision.
Save daylight hours for more important work.

Solar, wireless

Snaptrap smart traps run on solar power and use the mobile phone network so you can use them almost anywhere. They work even in very low signal locations. You can analyse patterns over your orchard blocks, and over wider regions.

Harness the new economy

Snaptrap smart traps release your valuable time and people to create new value in your orchard.

Not only do you save time and energy costs,
your pest control programs become markedly more accurate, efficient and cost effective.

With this new leverage you will save money,
and pack out more clean fruit.


Snaptrap will be available from agriculture consultants and farm supplies outlets.

Ask your local bloke to supply you.
Or ask us directly here.


To register your interest or ask a question, please send us a message here.